Friday, November 28, 2008

Random Sleepover Quotes

Have you ever wondered what people like me say at sleepovers? Behold, quotes from the sleepover yesterday...and none of them were said by me:
"You can take a picture of me insulting the beached whale."
"I wasn't referring to your fictional boyfriend...I was referring to a watermelon."
"Don't accept candy from strangers...especially if they look like Willy Wonka."
"I love causing riots with my feet"
"It's a disembodied foot!"
"It's a foot! It's a foot!"
" 'Where's Alex?' 'She's gone to evolve' "
"Andrea, I'm not the only one who broke flesh today."
"You sound like a decapitated cat."
"I'll whack you with as much shriviled soul as I like."
"That doesn't make sense but it's still funny."
"There's people swimming on my face."
"The beached whale has come with a spear-gun and tarter sauce."
"None but the dear Joe will do."
"Let's mail a tangerine to Indoniesia with incificient postage."
"What's wrong with somebody going to look for their head?"

*please note, we cannot be held responsible for anything we say/do at sleepovers/under the influence of caffiene. the incident involving Alex and toe hair comes to mind here.*